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This page should be linked to both your HW.htm homework page and your final project. EACH COMPETENCY must be linked to at least one place in your final project that shows the successful demonstration of this requirement. Use an anchor link to the demonstration destination, your project, AND modify this page to have a text description in the Details column explaining where and how you've demonstrated this competency. In this column also add the link to the named anchor in your project where the requirement is demonstrated.


Name of Designer: Denise Mason
  Required Competency Details of How/Where the Competency is Used

Consistency of design elements, theme, color, energy, iconography, content, etc. Your final will be one cohesive professional site. It will NOT be linked pages of homework assignments demonstrating use of these competencies. You are learning to create and manage a WEBSITE, not just making .html files that link to other .html files. Generally, limit use of fonts to 3 font faces.

I used a vibrant color scheme throughout, which matches the colors of the house for rent; same background color on all pages; consistent fonts and layout were used to tie pages together.
Consistent and intuitive of navigation throughout the site. Same nav bar on all pages.
Link all pages to an external style sheet and upload to the same directory as your final and name it:http://dlmason.com/final/final.css
or whatever our UNIX account course ID is for this quarter. The name of the .css file does not have to be final.css but it should be relevant to your project.
See link to external style sheet
A minimum of six pages, each with unique content (at least three paragraphs per page) AND page titles assigned to each page. All pages much have meaning to the site and not just be a demonstration of a required competency. Five main pages (nav bar) plus a details page linked to the 'Photo Gallery' page = 6 pages.
META description and keyword tags in heads of every page. Include a link to a sitemap.xml for this project. yes, all pages have meta tags in head and a title.
Named anchors:
A- include an anchor from a link on a page to anchors within the site on other pages AND
B- include an anchor from a link on a page to another location within that same page.
The Name Anchor (same page) goes to a 'top' at bottom of page.From the 'Photo Gallery' page there are connections to 7 named anchors on the details page, which gives more information about each room.
Email links that open an email client like outlook or eudora, etc. see bottom of details page (contact us)
3 related external links targeted to open a new browser window. - related means related to the content of your site, not just links to search engines, etc. The 'Calif' and 'Local Essentials' pages have many links to relevant content - from image maps and text.
At least one ordered, unordered or definition list. See the 'house details' page assoc. with the 'Photo Gallery' page.
At least one DW table. Not a content table, but a design table - see colored squares on Home page.

Use at least one functioning form for ordering, contact info, feedback, etc. that will be sent to you through a hosted service like formmail or through cgi or php via the action button on the form.

Include all these form elementsin the form: textbox, textarea, radio button sets, checkbox sets, menulist, submit and clear buttons. Have your classmate buddy submit the form to you to verify that it works. The form must function and send the data to your email address. Be certain it works before uploading to me. Do NOT put a jump menu on the same page as another form.

Form has radio group, textbox, checkbox group, text area, menulist, submit and clear buttons. It submits a form to the user and then transmits the information to me through the host.

Include a Flash Video as in Lesson 7.

Flash video about music in SF (assoc. with local area description).

Include an iframe. (If you use a Google Element for this requirement at least do two). An iframe will receive 5 to 10 extra points. A Google Element will receive 5 points.

Three iframes - Google Element calendar on 'Contact Us' page, for the flash video, and on Home page interactive Google Map.
Behavior 1: An example of layers with invisible and visible properties (show/hide) properties. Make it a cohesive part of your site that makes sense. Describe in detail what you are doing with the layers.  It's often NOT obvious to me when I review your projects. 'Photo Gallery' page has text rollover to trigger image change/appear/disappear.
Behavior 2: Image rollover Photo image rollover on home page.
Behavior 3: one pop-up window fixed width 600 pixels, with no toolbar, no menu, no scroll - see Homework for Lesson 9 (this is NOT the same as a javascript alert box). Use the onClick event handler NOT the rollOver handler. 600-pixel width without toolbar/menu/scroll is on the 'house plan' window linked to the 'Photo Gallery'. NEED TO GO TO PHOTO GALLERY, click on 'house plan' gray square, then that links to window.
Pull down menus are OPTIONAL in COIN74A but tell me if you used them. No pull downs.
At least 1 jump menu that is NOT on the same page as another form.  
An image map created in Dreamweaver with functioning links and obviously defined hotspots. Make it an integral part of your design rather than just submitting an unrelated image map to fulfill the competency. Image map on the 'Local Essentials' page for markets, parks, Stanford. Total of 6 hotspots.
Urchin or other tracking code on each page will receive 10 extra points!  
An RSS feed attached to this site will receive 10 extra points! See home page, upper right corner.
Your final project should be in a directory called final in your public_html unix web space. Please create that directory if it doesn't exist. Call the entry html file within the final directory: index.htm. This will be your homepage.

Your link to your final will be similar to: http://krypton.fhda.edu/cast074.04w/yourname/public_html/final/index.htm. The course ID number changes each session and yours will be similar to coin074.04w. Or use the shortcut method: http://krypton.fhda.edu/~yourname/final/index.html

Yes, directory called 'final' with and 'index.htm' page.

REQUIREMENTS.HTM***Link to a page that lists all the above competencies you used with anchor links to each illustration of the requirement. Copy this list of requirements into a file called requirements.htm and link each requirement on the list to the places in your website that illustrate your use of the requirement. Name this page requirements.htm. Title this page Requirements.

index page and requirements pages named and linked.

Identify the buddies who participated in your final project code review

  1. Code Reviewer _Rockland Johnson ______
  2. Code Reviewer _Leslie Thorne__________

Identify the buddies whose code you reviewed

  1. Code Reviewer __Art Benjamin_________
  2. Code Reviewer __Lorraine Kasha________
BROKEN LINKS: Check all your links before submitting your final. Use DW Link Checker (Site Tools). No broken links please! Have a classmate or colleague review your code from a computer other than yours to be certain there are no broken links or images.  

BROKEN IMAGES: Check all your images. Have a classmate or colleague check your site from their on-line and connected computer to ensure all images show. Often images are stored in your computer's cache and will show in your browser even if they are no longer properly linked. By uploading and viewing on another computer, you can check to be certain all links and images are working. Do not submit a final that has any broken images or other objects.

Includes all behaviors  
DEDUCTED POINTS for broken links or images, late submissions, not following directions  
Extra points forum participation, extra credit assignments, etc.  
TOTAL POINTS for Final Project

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