COIN74A Homework Template


link to the assignment two 'minisite' of 4 pages.

For the remainder of the homeworks change the links to point to a named anchor in your homework where you are demonstrating the requirment. To learn about named anchors and links visit the tutorial.

HOMEWORK 3 (style one):

(This homework covers Workspace and adding text features)

  1. Ordered List
  2. UnOrdered List
  3. One Image on same page
  4. External Link 1
  5. External Link 2
  6. External Link 3
  7. Named Anchor 1
  8. Named Anchor 2
  9. Email Link
  10. First Heading
  11. Second Heading
  12. First size Font
  13. Second size Font
  14. First Face Font
  15. Second Face Font
  16. First Color Font
  17. Second Color Font
  18. First Physical Font (Italic)
  19. Second Physical Font (Bold)
  20. Paragraph alignment LEFT
  21. Paragraph alignment RIGHT
  22. Paragraph alignment CENTER
  23. Paragraph alignment JUSTIFY
  24. Indent
  25. Outdent
  26. modify the page properties and change the color of the background of one page
  27. modify the page properties and add a background image to one page (above)
  28. change the font color on the page with a background color.
  29. create a small table
  30. page titles on all your files (done)
  31. Create a photo album (Extra Credit)
  32. HAVE YOUR BUDDIES REVIEW ALL YOUR LINKS within the photo album, if you created an album, and all your images. NO BROKEN LINKS AND NO BROKEN IMAGE ICONS
  33. Upload your site to your server space submit the URL to the Assignments Section of Etudes Shell using the SUBMIT AS A WEB PAGE radio button so I can assign a grade. Follow the directions in How to Submit Homework page.


  1. Inline CSS
  2. Internal CSS - 3 redefined HTML tags, 5 classes, an ID, and 1 compound selector tag
  3. Page linked to an external.css file - show the link to the file
  4. CSS external .css file


  1. an image navbar located in the same place on each page. If you are using CS5 the image navbar has been deprecated so add either a Spry menubar or create your own using a list and CSS as described in the navigation bar lesson
  2. 2 rollover images - meaning you'll use 4 images for 2 different rollovers, First Rollover, Second Rollover
  3. an image map with at least 3 meaningful and OBVIOUS hotspots of different shapes (elliptical, rectangular, and polygonal) that link to named anchors.
  4. Add a page that has 4 images with text. Float 2 images to the left and 2 to the right


(reviewed by whomever)

  1. Create the cloned table
  2. When you design your table in Layout View and add an Autostretch Column, what do you think is the most appropriate content for that column? Image, Flash File, Text?  Think about this and post your thoughts and why to the forum.  Discuss with classmates.
  3. Create 3 tables and insert different content in each of the Autostretch Column for that table. Autostretch lets the content of the cell adjust to the user's browser width.
  4. What is the Expanded Tables mode? Use Dreamweaver help to find out. The Expanded Tables mode makes it easier to select inside and around tables. This mode does not display tables the way a browser does. Before moving or resizing table elements in is necessary to return to Standard mode.
  5. Create a template and insert a link to the .dwt file
  6. CSS external .css file template to CSS file
  7. Create website
  8. , minimum of 3 pages, using a template
  9. Library item 1 - Add a comment in the html describing the library
  10. Library item 2 - Add a comment in the html describing the library
  11. Code snippet 1 - Add a comment in the html describing the snippet
  12. Code snippet 2 - Add a comment in the html describing the snippet
  13. Code snippet 3 - Add a comment in the html describing the snippet


  1. Add flash video
  2. Add YouTube video
  3. Add a Google Web Element - Map
  4. Add a Google Web Element - Calendar
  5. SimpleViewer
  6. Storyboard
  7. for Final. In it include subject, content, planned navigation, do a quick flow chart if you like or explain the flow, theme, colors, purpose, target audience, etc... (ideally graphical, but a rich outline format will do)


  1. Create a new html document and create a form using all the fields and form elements we've covered above except the fieldset.
  2. Link to formmail response (copy your email into a text file or a screenshot and link to that as working proof of the formmail service).
  3. Add a Jump Menu to either a new page or a page that doesn't include a form. Have at least 4 menu options in the Jump Menu.


  1. AP Elements requirement 1
  2. AP Elements and z-index requirement 2
  3. Relative positioning and z-index requirement 3
  4. (appear and disappear)
  5. Rollover effects (pop-up images)
  6. On-click event on-click event
  7. Add a one or more of the Spry objects, Menubar, Tabbed Panel, Accordian, Collapsible Panel
  8. Small website, minimum of 3 pages, using a CSS template
  9. Develop a tableless page using CSS-P
  10. Comment on the pros and cons of using CSS templates and CSS-P


  1. Create a site using frames
  2. Explain advantages and disadvantages of using frames
  3. Add an iframe
  4. Add a Google Gadget
  5. Add a Widget


  1. Create a simple XML document, simple.xml
  2. Create a new XML document using the nested data model
  3. Create a new XML document using the empty data model
  4. Create a simple XHTML document, enhanced XHTML document, validated
  5. Create an XML sitemap by hand
  6. Prepare a small RSS file by hand, in a webpage, RSS


  1. Create a Google Webmaster Account and explore the tools - screen grab
  2. Create a Google Analytics Account and explore the tools - screen grab of stats
  3. Summary of findings - analysis.htm